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Christmas plans


Mark Baker

22 December 2015

Well, it is almost time for Christmas. I will be here on Christmas Eve alongside one colleague in the office. It sounds sad, but there will be lots to do even on that day - nothing stops for holidays and just because we have a couple of days off the articles still have to get done. I remember when I ...

A strange time


Mark Baker

7 December 2015

In the run up to Christmas, it is a strange time for clubs. It is usually the time for the Christmas get-togethers - although many now have their annual dinner or similar in January or February. That makes sense to me, to be honest. You try booking a large club dinner event this time of year! It is  ...

Project time


Mark Baker

2 December 2015

I know there are some aspects of what we do as carver that require an inordinate amount of concentration, some items we tackle are done in short sharp bursts. Others projects - usually the less complex - can be done in one sitting so to speak. The desire of many people is for faster quicker projects ...

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