November events


Mark Baker

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

This week on the 7th and 8th there is an event at the Toolpost in Didcot, Oxforshire.

Later this month on the 20th-22nd November is the North of England Woodworking show in Harrogate.

Both events are excellent - although very different in nature - and provide a real visual treat as well as a chance to ask lots of questions of the people present, and of course, look at tools and other workshop goodies. It is coming up to Christmas and I am eyeing up a few things to either buy now for my own Christmas present or add to my wish list for others to buy me.

Shows are a major feature in the life of woodworkers. Actually, they are a main feature in the lives of many crafts and hobby people of all types. Think about any craft or hobby and there are no doubt special shows and events of some sort organised for that particular group.

Sadly I cannot be at the Toolpost event, but if all goes to plan I hope to meet up with some of you at Harrogate.

I know some people now do not attend events while other others attend every show they get the chance to go to. Let me know if you attend shows or not and let me know why.

Have fun and I will catch up with you soon.

Best wishes,


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