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Briony Darnley

30 October 2015

I have recently received a lovely email from a reader, who was inspired by author Bob Jubb and his hedgehogs, to create his very own! It"s really great to get these letters and emails from readers, to see how our authors help to inspire with their designs. Is there an author"s work that has  ...

Animal inspiration


Mark Baker

6 October 2015

I am receiving ever more requests for dimensions, plans and multi-angle views of animals and birds in order for people to then adjust and/or replicate them for carving the items. Horses, gorillas, monkeys, gorilla, orangutan, deer/stags, lions, tigers and elephants are the main animals requested at  ...

Knife carving


Mark Baker

1 October 2015

I am going to comment on knife carving again due to its continuing growth in popularity. In addition to knife carving, the use of pyrography units and power carving tools are on the rise too. Now, that is not to say that carving using traditional tools is declining, it is more a comment that the oth ...

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