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Mark Baker

27 August 2015

The following blog was triggered by some recent discussions about how traditional carving still is and how satisfying it is to know that some things remain traditional with little that changes their core techniques and values. However, others were saying that there are changes occurring and at a fas ...



Mark Baker

13 August 2015

There are not many things that I get so vexed about that I have to say something rather sharpish, but one thing that will get me going is when I see some jumped up little twit effectively grandstand and belittle someone"s work, technique or ideas acting or making out as though they are the arbit ...

Woodcarving clubs


Mark Baker

4 August 2015

Woodcarving has a large number of organised clubs and some more casually organised clubs. I have no evidence to show otherwise, but the amount of carving clubs seem only second in number to those run by turners. Suffice to say that there are many around the world, although I often hear the cry that  ...

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