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Cost of carving


Mark Baker

26 May 2015

Talking to some carvers recently they were chuntering - that is a good word, which covers discussing and moaning about something - namely the cost of tools, timber finishes and everything else that one buys when carving. I was smirking somewhat when listening. No, I wasn"t earwigging. I was just ...

Utah Woodturning Symposium


Mark Baker

20 May 2015

I was at a recent woodturning symposia in Utah and it was intriguing to see more "embellished" work featuring than normal. By normal, I mean that the majority of turned work is usually "natural" with little colouring or carving/sculpting on it. I have mentioned before of the growth o ...

Building on projects


Mark Baker

7 May 2015

I mentioned the issue of sharpening in my blog last time and how it is a constant source of discussion. Like other woodworking disciplines it requires sharp tools in order to cut the wood effectively and have proper control of the cutting process. Someone sagely said that sharp tools are safe tools. ...

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