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Tool sharpening


Mark Baker

28 April 2015

Well, it is the first time that I have had no response from a blog I have posted. It seems that no one who reads the blog is currently carving any form of butterflies. That is sad. I know they don"t have the cute appeal of a pig, cat, dog, monkey, bear, horse or many other things you can mention ...

Butterfly inspiration


Mark Baker

21 April 2015

I was talking to some carvers last week and one of the topics that cropped up was that of butterflies and moths. I know it sounds a bit random, but the crux of the conversation was that not many people seem to be carving them in relief or in the round. I scratched my head and a quick internet search ...

Spring is here!


Briony Darnley

10 April 2015

Researching and writing a number of Art of Carving articles has made me realise just how many types of carving there is to do - relief carving would most probably be the one I"d try first. Prior to working at Woodcarving magazine I knew very little on the subject, but now thanks to the Art of Ca ...

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