Knife carving


Mark Baker

Monday, March 23, 2015

I have been using a lot of knives lately, discussing their use and the increase in the growth of people using knives to create things. I must admit to loving hearing from, or about, people who are taking up carving and the vast majority I have heard from or about, recently are taking up knife carving. I think this is a wonderful thing to do. It is not only cheap to get going, with a few tips and bits of advice regarding safety and such like, one can also work with green or dry timber, so will not have to hunt for ages to get suitable timber.

It is as quick as you wish it to be - there are so many projects one can tackle that the time range can be as quick as 10 minutes to many hours and days. But, that is the beauty of knife carving. It is low cost, there is no need for a specific workspace as the armchair will do fine for many projects - okay, you have some clearing up to do, but not much; a wide range of timbers can be used - yes, of course it has to be suitable for the project being undertaken and you can create whimsical, fun or functional items. The whole sphere or whittling and knife carving is growing rapidly. It is something that one can get people involved with and giving it a go very quickly. How many of you have knife carving clubs or events where people can have a go?

Have fun,


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