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Knife carving


Mark Baker

23 March 2015

I have been using a lot of knives lately, discussing their use and the increase in the growth of people using knives to create things. I must admit to loving hearing from, or about, people who are taking up carving and the vast majority I have heard from or about, recently are taking up knife carvin ...

Woodcarving as a hobby


Mark Baker

13 March 2015

How we spend our time is, of course, no one"s business but our own. As well as work, family commitments and such like, some will take up hobbies - maybe even woodcarving. I must admit to often ending up with a variant typing error of "woodcraving" or "woodcaving", both of which m ...

Wonderful Wooden Work


Briony Darnley

6 March 2015

Here at the Woodworkers Institute, I am tasked with finding and posting a piece of Wonderful Wooden Work each day. One beautiful piece of carved work that has caught my eye while searching, is a chapel in the Ana Crowne Plaza Hotel, Haroshima, Japan. A wedding chapel, the walls are intricately hand  ...

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