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Mark Baker

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Carving as a hobby is wonderfully diverse. There are so many routes one can go down and every one has passionate people, who are willing to share what they know so everyone can get on with the process of scratching that creative itch. The people who I shall call helpers - although "facilitators" might be a better word - are very often unsung heroes in what they do. Every club has one or more such people. People are grateful for the help and assistance and the helpers smile and then support them and others as required without the need for adulation, payment or any other such form of recognition - the "thank you" and seeing a smile on someone"s face as they do something they are proud of is enough. Without such people, we would be lost.

The internet is a wonderful tool for sharing and learning. The problem with the learning aspect is that people starting out do not know what is good information, from that which is not. The net is also, at times, impersonal. Yes, good friendships can be struck up on the net and I have many friends where first contact was made via the net or email. So, the net is a valuable resource, but the personal interaction where people have someone they can turn to for help and talk face-to-face is, for many, the key thing in getting started and also continuing and developing. That network of people willing to share is ever growing and much valued. What can you give back to help others?

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