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Helping others


Mark Baker

24 February 2015

Carving as a hobby is wonderfully diverse. There are so many routes one can go down and every one has passionate people, who are willing to share what they know so everyone can get on with the process of scratching that creative itch. The people who I shall call helpers - although "facilitators& ...

Freedom with your work


Mark Baker

19 February 2015

I have been carving on some of my turnings again lately. It is something I love to do and there is always something new to try in that area. Turning is only a powered form of carving anyway, so some handwork while it is stationary shouldn"t cause too many problems. That is unless it is part of a ...

New carvers


Briony Darnley

13 February 2015

As Easter approaches it seems a great time to get carving. This would also be a wonderful time, while on their school holidays, to introduce the younger generations to the craft! To have learnt such a skill during my school years, I know I would have soon spent much of my spare time carving and crea ...

Train of thoughts


Mark Baker

2 February 2015

There isn"t a day goes by when I do not think about working with wood, in one-way or other. It may be just looking at something, that "thing" then triggering a chain of thoughts, which will then become one of many possible projects. These then may, or may not make it into the real world. ...

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