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Finding the facts


Briony Darnley

23 January 2015

This week, I have again been researching for interesting pieces to write about in our "Art of Carving" articles. These can be architectural, artistic, functional woodcarvings - I personally prefer to research the historical architectural carvings to learn about the story behind them. But, in ...

Using routers for carving


Mark Baker

13 January 2015

Having been using routers lately, not only to look at enhancement techniques on turnings, but also "bosting" in on carved work such as relief carvings, I am going to ask how many of you carvers use them in your work? I know they can be noisy and dusty - sometimes even with extraction systems ...

The new year


Mark Baker

5 January 2015

There are many things I wish to do, but pressures of time and occasionally willpower seem to get in the way. I know that applies to us all, but I have resolved to be far more ruthless with my time. A lot of things just happen and push other planned/needed things aside. I might come across as rude by ...

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