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Have fun!


Mark Baker

23 December 2014

I have visited quite a few people recently who have been busy carving fun Christmas items - I will endeavor to show some next year in Woodcarving magazine. The thing that stood out was the sense of fun people were having. I have often mentioned that more fun needs to be had in our chosen hobbies and ...

Countdown to Christmas


Briony Darnley

18 December 2014

Christmas is certainly upon us! With only a week to go - tomorrow - and things are slowing down in the office. I have now been working here for a year! The time has certainly sped by and I have a feeling the Christmas holidays will too. With the new year, comes New Years" resolutions, of which m ...



Mark Baker

10 December 2014

I am having a sort out of the GMC carving area at the moment - well, over the next couple of weeks. I think it is a natural thing to adjust things and try to make things more efficient work-wise - especially as an editor with time constraints. That said, everyone has these in one way or other. For m ...

More Venetian carved grandeur


Mark Baker

5 December 2014

This blog is picking up from my recent post about Venice where I showed photos of the Palazzo Ducale and how I loved the place and its grandeur. Well, before I leave Venice alone for a while there are two more photos I would like to share with you and that is of a doorway into one of the rooms on sh ...

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