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Finding time


Mark Baker

29 October 2014

There are always pressures of time for all of us and how we deal with them is dependent on what they are and urgency. Some conversations have revolved around the aspect of doing ever more for family and friends and that "me time" is a rare commodity, that is in ever-shorter supply. I can who ...

Get involved


Mark Baker

23 October 2014

The urge to shape and make something is innate in someway or other in us all. There are so many mediums in which this can be done, that the choice is vast and confusing for many. Some people, however, are specifically drawn to a given medium either through possibly meeting someone, or seeing and try ...

Home-made decorations


Briony Darnley

17 October 2014

I realise it may be a little early to talk about Christmas, but as we are now working on the Christmas issues of the woodworking magazines, I"m seeing more and more carved Christmas decorations popping up. Having grown up placing plastic baubles on my tree at home - unless a gift, they never rea ...

Carving animals


Mark Baker

7 October 2014

The amount of requests to learn how to carve animals is very much the norm at the moment, second only to requests for classical items like that of the Dutch carver Grinling Gibbons and architectural items for buildings and furniture. The animals are fascinating and are always good to get people to l ...

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