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Power carving


Mark Baker

30 September 2014

I have mentioned that there has been surge in interest in power carving of late. On my trip last weekend to Germany I saw a lot of interest from people visiting the Arbortech stand. This was from carvers, turners and cabinetmakers alike. Of course there are myriad types of power carving tool and acc ...

Willy Vanhoutte store event


Mark Baker

23 September 2014

I have not been in the workshop this week to do any carving, but I was able to get to Belgium and visit a store event At Willy Vanhoutte in Beernum and see some lovely work by carvers at a recent event. It was a mixed woodworking event and the carving proved to be very popular, with many visitors ad ...

Hidden gems


Briony Darnley

19 September 2014

Hi everyone, Once again I am having fun doing a little research into some items and places to possibly include in our Art of Carving articles and I have come across the Royal Collection Trust website. With a mixture of art, furniture, toys, decorative vases, bowls, etc. there are a couple of hidden  ...

Unexpected inspiration


Mark Baker

10 September 2014

I have often mentioned how often people ask "how do people pick what project they are going to carve?" and for me now, it is a water vole. I have had the opportunity to photograph one, while fly-fishing - well a few, but there was one that was a friendly little thing that wasn"t put off  ...

Visiting museums


Mark Baker

4 September 2014

As I write this, I am thinking of a trip to London and a planned visit to some of the wonderful churches tucked away that often get overlooked. I will share with you the wonders I see, but I love such visits. I will also be going to the British Museum once again to see the marvellous creations there ...

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