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Woodworking disciplines


Mark Baker

24 June 2014

My last blog has attracted quite a few comments from carvers and turners alike on the diversity of types of carving being undertaken by "turners". Note: I put that one in single quote marks. I said in the last blog how the boundaries of the two disciplines are becoming ever more blurred. Yes ...

The natural symbiosis between turning and carving


Mark Baker

19 June 2014

In Woodcarving magazine I have been discussing how there is a natural symbiosis between turning and carving and how there are ever more turners who use carving on their turned work. Having just got back from a turning symposium in the USA, I thought I would share some of the work I saw at the event. ...

Hectic times


Briony Darnley

13 June 2014

It certainly has been a crazy few weeks in the office recently, with various members of staff disappearing off on their holidays – I’ve had mine recently! So things have been a bit hectic. Taking Tegan"s place while she was away was a great and exciting experience and I learned a lot, but my hol ...

Carving at craft fairs


Mark Baker

2 June 2014

June is a strange month in as much as there are quite a few fairs and things, but not much specific to woodcarving - well, not that I have been told. There is one major event in the USA and that is the International Woodcarvers Congress held form the 8-15th June in Maquoketa, Iowa: www.awcltd.org Bu ...

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