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Knife carving or power carving


Mark Baker

24 April 2014

There are many times when people talk about carving, discussing the methods they use and what they are working on and these are subjects that I am always intrigued by. Two interesting developments of late is the increase in discussion and use of knife carving, but also power carving. Both of which a ...

A fair exchange


Mark Baker

17 April 2014

Easter is upon us and it means I will have some time off, but not without picking up some goodies, namely some lime (Tilia vulgaris) and some laburnum (Laburnum anagyroides). It is from a friend of mine, who has some and no longer needs it. I said I can find a good home for it, namely my workshop an ...

Duomo di Milano


Briony Darnley

11 April 2014

So, this week I have been researching into the Duomo di Milano - the cathedral of Milan - for the latest Art of Carving piece. Not only am I learning more about carving with researching these articles, but history and culture too, which is great fun for me. Having only ever been lucky enough to visi ...

New Midlands show


Mark Baker

3 April 2014

Last weekend, I was at the New Midlands show at the showground in Newark. It was busy and there were quite a few carvers who attended. Michael Painter and ‘The Tiny Turner’ - Aka Emma Cook – both had stands and were carving and answering questions over both days. Looking down from where I was demons ...

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