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Self criticism


Mark Baker

27 February 2014

If I hear a person say their work is ‘not very good’ I am going to scream! It is often said to me when I ask about a person’s work within the first few sentences. Why do people need to comment in such a way? It is like an automatic defence mechanism kicking in in readiness for the incoming unknown c ...

A free weekend


Mark Baker

21 February 2014

It’s nearly the weekend and I have the weekend off! No work! Well, apart from maybe having to paint the bedroom. Oh, deep joy! Anyway, I plan on picking up some timber too. My stocks of lime, sycamore and oak are running low – that’s not work, honest… For both carving and turning purposes I have bee ...

Talking to clubs


Mark Baker

14 February 2014

It might not seem much is going on in the world of carving but there is an industrious hive of activity that is, in the large part, rarely seen. You have to be in amongst the groups, clubs or shows to get a hint of what is happening and I say groups and clubs first, because it is easier to see what  ...

Manufacturer visit


Briony Darnley

6 February 2014

Hi everyone, Tomorrow I have my first work outing, going to Watford to visit a manufacturer with Anthony Bailey. We are going to look behind-the-scenes at how the business works; Anthony will be asking the questions and taking photographs and I will be writing as fast as I possibly can in an effort  ...

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