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Happy Christmas from Woodcarving


Mark Baker

18 December 2013

This is going to be the last blog of 2013 just before I break up for the holiday. I will be busy during my break, but one of the few of the things I am after is a new 60° "V" tool and two veiners: one 1-2mm one and one about 4mm. I suppose I am fortunate in my job to be able to access quite  ...

Carving in Venice


Mark Baker

12 December 2013

Christmas is nearly here. The response to which will be either one of joy or bah humbug. I am not sure which camp I fit in other than knowing it is costing me money. I am apparently being a pain… Nothing new there many will say. I am a a pain because I have not told people want I want, so am being t ...

Christmas carvings


Mark Baker

4 December 2013

In the scheme of things, it is getting near Christmas and I know people are making things for presents and fun. I saw, but sadly didn’t photograph, a most delightful reindeer and a wickedly funny and jovial Santa recently. On speaking to the carvers concerned they said that they had a lot of fun car ...

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