Going global


Simon Frost

Friday, September 6, 2013

Well into work on Issue 135 of Carving, I’m reminded that carving really is a global community – in the next issue we feature a traditional Tibetan carver, a fantastic young French carver, a look at this year’s International Woodcarvers Congress in the US, as well as a host of UK talent. If you’ve got your issue of Woodcarving 134, you’ll have seen our club profile of the Sydney Woodcarving Group, too. Carving is practised the world over, so it follows that Woodcarving is read far beyond our shores. Carving is virtually limitless in its application and is used to say so many different things; it varies in style, subject, technique, tools and timbers wherever you go! Part of our job is to give you a rounded view of woodcarving today, so it’s important that we keep showing you what is happening elsewhere and we hope that every now and then you find a gem of inspiration! So, what work has inspired you most in recent issues?

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