Turning to colour


Mark Baker

Friday, April 26, 2013

Have you noticed the ever increasing trend for turnings to be ‘enhanced’ by the use of carving techniques? Now I have said before that turning is nothing more than a powered form of carving, but I am talking about the extra enhancement after the turning is done. The power and hand tools that were once the domain of the ‘carvers’ are now increasingly found in the turner’s workshop and used to create some stunning effects. I am all for it. OK, the debate rages as to when the turning is no longer turned instead becoming other or something different, the same is said for use of colour on turned work, but that debate about colouring carvings has also raged and rears its head every so often.

We live in a highly visual world where everything we do is seen by someone. At times the work we produce does a wonderful job if it is well done and constructed and grabs someone’s attention. Carved work of all types does us all good. People start seeing new ways of using carved techniques and exploring more fully this wonderful area we operate within. Carving should be first and foremost something we enjoy and whilst it is no doubt frustrating at times, we are creating some wonderful work and it should be shared with a wider audience. I don’t care on what item the carving occurs and I don’t care if work is coloured as long as the piece is well done and everything comes together well.

Carving is a fascinating and stimulating subject and one that is just as challenging and frustrating as other woodworking disciplines. Let us try to share what we do in all its forms and shout about what is being done to better educate people as to what carving is.

Let me hear your thoughts.

Happy carving,


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