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Goodbye Mr Woodchips


Miriam Bentham

22 February 2013

It"s my last day at Woodcarving today and I"m very sad to be saying goodbye to all the colleagues, contributors and readers I have come to know during my tenure at the magazine. It is a special and vibrant community and I have very much enjoyed being a part of it. Big shout out to all the ca ...

The lure of shiny things...


Mark Baker

12 February 2013

In the scheme of things, wanting to carve more is, for me, sometimes a wish rather than a reality. I have just realised that I am using up over 22 days of my holiday allowance this year in order to demonstrate and so on in various places – so no holiday for me. This in turn will mean that any time I ...

Send me your thoughts...


Mark Baker

6 February 2013

From the amount of e-mails and phone calls I have received recently, it seems that many carvers are in their workshops or at their computers and phones working on their latest creations. On their computers means that they are either doing research or storing the pictures they have taken of their wor ...

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