Difficult jobs


Mark Baker

Friday, October 19, 2012

In the midst of all the hubbub of daily life we often forget to make time for ourselves. One such way of doing this is in our workshops. It is our space and place to do as we choose and have a bit of time just to shut everything else out.

I know that for many carvers, the time taken on a piece is not, as a rule, an issue - unless something is a ‘can you just do this for me, it won’t take long …?’ type thing or a ‘present’. We all have these and they never end up being quick or easy. The word ‘just’ and the phrase ‘it won’t take long’ are usually used by people who have no concept or clue as to what is involved. Many think that we can magically, with the wave of a wand, season wood in under 20 minutes and create something from thin air. Oh, how I wish I could at times.

And don’t get me on the subject of how much something costs and yes, I know, many people who ask such things of us are simply shocked at the cost of the wood let alone the time factor as well.

I know some of the items we create are simply magic, but some people really do take the biscuit. Still, I suppose that they think about us at all when they want something done is in some way a compliment.

I have ‘just’ jobs to do this weekend. I really can’t decide whether to be somewhat off and decide to ignore them, or do them and get them out of the way so I can do what I want to. Knowing me it will be the latter.

What similar jobs have you had to do lately, or have I been unlucky?

Have fun,


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