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Lost in translation


Mark Baker

31 August 2012

It has been a fun week. I was in Olbernhau, Germany at a two day event at Steirnert"s new premises and what a wonderful two days that was - apart from my luggage not arriving at the airport the same time as me... both ways. Having had my luggage delayed many times before here is a top-tip: Alway ...

Carve a chameleon


Miriam Bentham

21 August 2012

If you have yet to enter the International Woodcarver of the Year and are looking for some last minute inspiration, why not take some advice from Culture Club and, as the song goes, carve a, carve a, carve a, carve a , carve a chameleon? This is not to say that International Woodcarver of the Year i ...

Oh the conundrums...


Mark Baker

9 August 2012

It was my birthday this week so I took a day off to spend it with friends. I must admit to not liking birthdays, I find them an unnecessary expense for people and why do I need to be reminded of how old I am? OK, it is lovely spending time with family and friends, but should one need an excuse of a  ...

It''s all go...


Mark Baker

3 August 2012

Miriam and I have been very busy. The entries for International Woodcarver of the Year are coming in nicely. I know that by making it web-based entries only this year that some of you have found it difficult, but if you are having any problems whatsoever entering, please contact Miriam or myself and ...

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