Walking the tightrope


Mark Baker

Friday, July 20, 2012


It seems that we are getting the balance about right in the magazine. There are still some changes to make and I am working on some new series and articles for inclusion in the new year. The balance of the magazine is always a tricky thing. Those new to carving want clear step-by-step projects that are approachable, don’t take too long to make and are at times a bit of fun. Others have requested that the magazine concentrates on the more aesthetic and architectural items, then there are those that want sculptural works both realistic and abstract and then there are birds. Birds, it seems are like Marmite… love them or loathe them. In truth, the requests and comments cover such a diverse mix and range of items that I would have to have an issue each day the size of an encyclopaedia to even scratch the surface. Of course we know this is not possible. So, walking that tightrope of trying to provide something of interest for everyone is what I am employed to do and negotiate. I love it! No, I am sure I do not always get it right for everyone, but I certainly do my best to make sure there is something that will pique your interest and hopefully one can learn or gain inspiration from. So, for all of that, keep your ideas and suggestions coming.

I am now on my way to the workshop to do some photo shoots for Woodworking Plans and Projects and Woodturning magazines, but also to discuss with Anthony Bailey – Editor of Woodworking Plans and Projects and GMC"s photographer – how we can go about creating a new style of cover option for our apps.

I will catch up again with you next week.

Have fun and let me know what you are making.


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