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Paris, London, New York – Carving


Miriam Bentham

27 July 2012

After spending a few days on Brighton beach after a summer where the sun has been elusive to say the least, I"m starting to believe that international stereotypes of us Brits are more accurate than I had first thought. I have a theory that it is in fact the lack of Vitamin D rather than lager th ...

Walking the tightrope


Mark Baker

20 July 2012

Hello It seems that we are getting the balance about right in the magazine. There are still some changes to make and I am working on some new series and articles for inclusion in the new year. The balance of the magazine is always a tricky thing. Those new to carving want clear step-by-step projects ...



Miriam Bentham

9 July 2012

Hello carvers, I"ve been thinking about wood a lot recently and with it, the potential minefield of sustainability. When harvested correctly, wood is the ultimate sustainable material; it is durable, recyclable, it grows back and it releases Oxygen into the atmosphere. But when it isn"t sour ...

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