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Merry Christmas from Woodcarving


Mark Baker

22 December 2011

It’s that time of year again. Our repro date for carving isn’t until the middle of January but it isn’t that far away. We are busy with the magazine and working in your suggestions for improving it. It seems the cover for the current issue has caused a lot of debate. I find what people are creating  ...

The Christmas Crunch


Mark Baker

16 December 2011

The Christmas crunch is upon us and the melee that is the shortened production cycles is keeping us on our toes even more than usual. As mentioned in my last blog I have had loads of wonderful conversations with many of you and have loads of ideas to work with. I have been very busy working with aut ...

Carving the Turkey


Miriam Bentham

9 December 2011

At this time of year, carving becomes even more of a useful skill than it normally is. The ability to create handmade and beautiful Christmas presents should never be underestimated. In our bruised-and beaten-economy, we are maxed-out and over-drawn up to our necks and thinking of what to buy our lo ...

Woodcraft Wales


Mark Baker

2 December 2011

I am busy planning future issues of the magazine taking on your suggestions and requests as I do so. Do keep your ideas coming as they do help shape the magazine. I think it reasonable to say that there will be some changes in future issues of Woodcarving magazine, in accordance with readers" re ...

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