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Arts or Crafts?


Miriam Bentham

18 November 2011

It’s been quite a week for the Woodworkers Institute; we’ve broken the 500,000 pages-viewed barrier this month and we’re pretty pleased about it. We can also confirm that Institute readers from 160 countries around the world are regularly logging on. Our global appeal is official. Issue 124 of Woodc ...

Woodworking in Schools


Mark Baker

11 November 2011

I have often written about how I believe the lack of metalworking and woodworking classes in schools has had a detrimental effect on our children’s learning. Seeing machinery and equipment sitting unused is very sad. There are still some schools, which offer such things and all credit to them, but t ...

Proper Planning


Mark Baker

3 November 2011

I am back from my week’s holiday, or rather a supposed holiday – I did a lot of work that week – and all worked out well. There is nothing like good planning to make life a little easier down the line. I absolutely hate getting caught out with something that I should have been able to for see. I rem ...

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