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Michelle has left the building...


Michelle Robertson

26 September 2011

So the time has come for me to hang up the gouge, turn off the power carver, and close the workshop doors as I write my final blog as Woodcarving Editor. Yes this is the last time I will be talking to you all through my special blog page, and you know what? I"m going to miss it really. Yes I am  ...

Exit stage left


Michelle Robertson

9 September 2011

It"s odd winding down my role as Editor for a company I have worked for the last seven years. You start to miss things before they"re gone, like the office banter, the structured way of putting a magazine together, seeing the same faces every day for longer periods than you see your own fami ...

The time is now


Michelle Robertson

2 September 2011

I"m still working away on the Christmas and competition edition of Woodcarving, which is also my last as Editor. It"s a strange feeling. On the one hand I will be leaving to start a new adventure, but on the other hand I will really miss working on the magazine. Sometimes it"s easy just  ...

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