Is it autumn already?


Michelle Robertson

Friday, June 10, 2011

It hardly seems feasible that already I am working on the September/October edition of Woodcarving, but that"s publishing for you. So that you get your magazine in the right month, we have to work on it about 3 months in advance, which is fine most of the time but when you are talking Christmas in the middle of August, it can sometimes get a teeny weeny bit confusing!

So as summer is jut beginning for you all, I am in autumn already in the office! Lovely!

Talking of the office, it"s a lovely quiet one today with just the girls in getting the job done. It has certainly made a pleasant change from the noise that the male species of our room generates. Matt and Derek are off at Silverstone for a day at the track with DeWalt and I"m sure they"re loving every minute playing with new toys and watching fast cars.

And so, on to the weekend... I have a lovely woodland walk planned which I am very much looking forward to, a little bit of DIY, and some own time... the perfect weekend hey?

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