Boyling hot day


Michelle Robertson

Friday, June 3, 2011

On this the hottest day of the year so far, a few of you may have noticed our Matt"s simmering obsession with Subo (Susan Boyle) which today has very much boiled (boyled) over (see his latest blog)! Whenever he gets the chance, he puts on her CD, usually when he"s at the workshop testing machinery and tools. But today, he has brought her into the office and we have all to face the music!

Music while you work is one of those things where some like to listen to it whilst working as it settles them down nicely, paving the way for a productive day, whilst others find it a distraction and need silence to focus on the job ahead. I tend to fall into the former of these and do like to play something gentle in the background to inspire and set the pace but it does, of course, depend on the task I am doing; if, for instance, I am proof reading articles I need complete concentration but if I am in the workshop or writing a piece for the magazine, then I find my creative juices flow better with the accompaniment of song.

It doesn"t surprise me that a lot of our Woodcarving authors listen to music whilst they produce their latest masterpieces. You only have to look at our 20 Minutes With section in the magazine to see that practically every one of them has admitted to a radio in the workshop which they listen to for company and inspiration. And the style of music does vary greatly depending on the difficulty of the task and the types of tools used!

On another note, if you get the chance, watch BBC2 tonight. There"s a rather good programme called Petworth House: The Big Spring Clean. There is an interesting look at caring for crumbling carvings at this beautiful house, and it is worth a look!

Have a great weekend and catch you next week. Until then I must listen to Matt"s tasteful music collection!

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