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New balls please!


Michelle Robertson

24 June 2011

Ooh it"s raining and the hayfever is in full swing, so guess it must be Wimbledon time and Glastonbury. Yes, I know, usually I am up to my neck in mud at the latter of these two events, but this year I wasn"t so fortunate to get a golden ticket, so I am mud-free, dry, and have a warm bed to  ...

Is it autumn already?


Michelle Robertson

10 June 2011

It hardly seems feasible that already I am working on the September/October edition of Woodcarving, but that"s publishing for you. So that you get your magazine in the right month, we have to work on it about 3 months in advance, which is fine most of the time but when you are talking Christmas  ...

Boyling hot day


Michelle Robertson

3 June 2011

On this the hottest day of the year so far, a few of you may have noticed our Matt"s simmering obsession with Subo (Susan Boyle) which today has very much boiled (boyled) over (see his latest blog)! Whenever he gets the chance, he puts on her CD, usually when he"s at the workshop testing mac ...

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