Twitter or Facebooker?


Michelle Robertson

Thursday, January 20, 2011

With all this rise in social networking, it wouldn"t do for us not to have a presence on the two biggest social hubs on the planet. Yes that"s right folks, we are now Twitters and Facebookers! You can follow what we get up to and receive regular updates whenever you log onto these sites. Now that"s handy!

I have been a member on Facebook for the last couple of years so have been fairly comfortable with how it works, and let me tell you that if you are a little nervous or apprehensive to jump on the bandwagon, you needn"t be. You can set it up to be as interactive with others as you choose, so if you only want to be in touch with one or two people you can, but if you want to get yourself out there and network with other like-minded souls, it"s very easy to do. Just imagine putting across your message behind your latest carving, turning or such like to not just fellow woodies as you do at the Woodworkers Institute, but to others out there that may not necessarily have much knowledge of our fine crafts. We can reach out to so many more people and hopefully give an extra burst of life to our art, and perhaps more people will realise how important it is to keep working with wood alive and want to take part. We as artisans of wood need to inspire others in order to evolve our craft and move it forward, and what better way than to make use of such popular networking sites.

I aim to join Twitter this weekend as my next move, so watch this space, and perhaps I might see a few of you on there! Have fun!

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