Spider Girl


Michelle Robertson

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well am happy to report that the Lewes Bonfire went well on the whole, and we were all allowed back in the office on Monday morning. And what a great job the town did on cleaning up afterwards. For all the thousands of people that lined the streets and the bustle of firework activity, you wouldn"t know anything happened! I didn"t stay to watch but am told that it was as spectacular and fun as ever, so all good. I stayed away from it all only to have seemingly been bitten by one of those pesky false black widow spiders which I was try to evict from under a bedside cabinet! Yes it was ouch and no I didn"t put the pain and subsequent marks on my shoulder together until the other day. It might be all coincidental but the effects were felt minutes after seeing said spider which I thought had gone up the hoover. Oh well...

As Christmas (yes Christmas) is approaching, the editorial teams are starting to feel the pinch of condensed deadlines so that we can get your lovely magazines out on the shelves on time for you during December and January. Plus we have supplements to do and in some cases, a 13th issue! So it"s fair to say that we are feeling busy now and won"t start feeling a little less pressured until halfway through January. But it"s half the fun!

Woodcarving 118 is almost together now and then on with the March/April edition. It"s hard to think of the spring context that this edition is aimed at when the nights are so long, the days so short, the temperatures dropping and Christmas still to come. It"s like time travel working on magazines sometimes!

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