Get me to the church on time


Michelle Robertson

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well what did you all do at the weekend? Glorious weather wasn"t it?

Well I had the good fortune of attending a wedding on Saturday of none other than Peter Benson and his good half, Em.

I left plenty of time to arrive at the church, which I am glad I did as I had something of a nightmare journey. British Rail to Victoria was great but once there, that"s when the trouble started. To my dismay, I discovered that about 9 tube lines were out of action and so I was left racing across London replotting my route all the way. I finally got to Billericay with a little time to spare so jumped in a cab, but the driver took me to the wrong church. To his credit it did have Mary in its title but it was the wrong Mary, and then he remembered that he knew where the church was as his daughter got married there some years ago! Anyway, got there before the beautiful bride who arrived in a dream dress (and not jeans), and got to enjoy a wonderful ceremony and reception.

So well done Pete and Em. It"s hard to think of a more suited couple!

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