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Michelle Robertson

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not meaning to jump on the bandwagon of my fellow editors, but they do raise a valid point of reader feedback satisfaction. Like the Furniture & Cabinet Editor, Derek, I too have had a couple of letters of thanks regarding our Giveaway page which we run in Woodcarving magazine. It"s nice to know that the readers like what we do and that they enjoy the prizes which we source for them. It"s also nice to have a 2-way communication going between editorial and readers, much in the same way that the forums on this website operate. It"s a nice feeling to know that when you post something, you are quite likely to get a response from at least one forum member. Reader response, good or bad, is a valid part of what we all do, so if you have anything to say to us, make sure you let us know, no matter how trivial it may seem.

And I echo Matt"s comments on it being great to see and hear when readers tackle the projects and techniques which we offer them. No matter what the end result looks like, please do share these with us either here on the forums, or in the magazine (or both).

Have a good week and catch you soon!

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