Mayday, mayday, mayday – it's the bank holiday!


Michelle Robertson

Friday, May 1, 2009

So the bank is having a holiday. Stop me if I"m wrong, but it seems to have been on a constant holiday for a while now, hence our economical mess, but I shan"t go any further into such politics, so instead I shall embrace the general day off to have an extra weekend day. And, uncharacteristically, the sun is shining and the reports for the next few days seem to suggest that the good weather will stay with us during the break. Hurrah! Queue the sounds of suburban lawn mowers whirring into gear, icecream vans crawling the curbs for trade, and the smell of bbqs forewarning the imminent arrival of noisy families.

Recent news also suggests that we might have a jolly decent summer this year to make up for the past two years of, well, not much summer. Apparently (and don"t quote me, I am only going by a sleepy recollection of the 10 o"clock news), some sort of air current had been trapped over the British Isles the past two summers which explains the lack of sun, but this year the experts expect that this air will move freely, so the sun will come out and we can expect a scorcher, or something like that.

So I"m off to have a nice weekend where I will be cutting the grass, eating icecream and cooking on the bbq, staying up late by an open fire putting the world to rights!

Have a good one whatever you do!


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