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Michelle Robertson

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So there I was, at the weekend, ready to get my hands dirty with paint when my plans had to be postponed. Not because I had a better offer of tea and cake at a carving show but because I have done something mysterious to my back, which has left me in utter pain and unable to move very much. I am sitting here typing away on this blog and every tap of the keyboard is sending a shockwave of pain through my lower back and down my left leg. So it"s off to the doctors for me. I don"t do the injured or ill thing very well, and I am not patient at being a patient at all. Sitting in a waiting room gets me in a panic but I know I have to do it today as can"t go on like this.

Anyway, aside from my whingeing. I had the pleasure of visiting the WL West Wood Show last week and what a fantastic day I had. Thanks to Paul, Peter and John for their friendship and good conversation.

The highlight of the day was the tour of the sawmill. It was something else to be taken around and shown exactly what goes on with a tree to make it into the timber we purchase to do our carvings from. It was a good show and the start for me of the summer.

Okay, I"m off to the quacks now. See you on the forums.


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