Woodcarving 08 Competition Winners


Michelle Robertson

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have just picked up my copy of the latest Woodcarving magazine and I know some of you already have received your advanced copies through the door (the advantage of subscribing not only means you never miss an issue but that you get your copy before it hits the shops). You will have noticed amongst the great projects and techniques this issue, the results of the Woodcarving Competition. A lot of readers entered with their impressive pieces, and I do mean they were all impressive – the passion and dedication for carving was well and truly alive in all of the work, no matter what the skill level or experience involved. Well done to you all but a special well done to the winners. I won"t say just yet who they are as don"t want to spoil it for those who haven"t yet seen the edition, but we"ll talk about them in more detail in a couple of weeks time. In the meantime, do email me or start a discussion on the forum as to what you thought of the competition: the results, the categories, the way it"s run etc. I"d be interested to see your views.

In the meantime, enjoy your copy and keep in touch.


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