It's snow good!


Michelle Robertson

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So how many of you were left stranded by the snow this week? And why is that our country grinds to a halt once the white powdery stuff so much as shows itself in the sky? Why is everyone taken by surprise at a natural weather condition which has been occurring long before the dawning of man? The gritters fail to grit roads before the snow falls so roads are unsafe to use, trains, buses and planes stop running so public transport cannot be relied on, and schools shut their gates firmly. How do other countries which receive so much more snow than we do and over a longer period manage to operate simple day-to-day tasks when we cannot?

I was one of those who couldn"t make it in on Monday as all avenues were blocked and whilst I enjoyed playing with my dog in the snow, I was annoyed that I couldn"t get into work because of something which we never seem to be able to cope with.

OK my rant aired and over and I feel much better now...

Back to Woodcarving. The next issue is now in the hands of production and as always, I am nervous and excited all rolled into one. And now the New Year is in, I shall be planning to see a lot more of you during club visits, courses and shows, so have the kettle ready as I could be seeing you soon!


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