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Woodcarving 08 Competition Winners


Michelle Robertson

19 February 2009

I have just picked up my copy of the latest Woodcarving magazine and I know some of you already have received your advanced copies through the door (the advantage of subscribing not only means you never miss an issue but that you get your copy before it hits the shops). You will have noticed amongst ...

Club together


Michelle Robertson

11 February 2009

Some of you eagle eyed woodies will have noticed that I have put a question on the Woodcarving forum asking how many of you belong to woodcarving clubs, if so which one, and if not your reasons for choosing to go it alone. There are pros and cons to everything in life and belonging to a club or not  ...

It's snow good!


Michelle Robertson

5 February 2009

So how many of you were left stranded by the snow this week? And why is that our country grinds to a halt once the white powdery stuff so much as shows itself in the sky? Why is everyone taken by surprise at a natural weather condition which has been occurring long before the dawning of man? The gri ...

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