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Peter Greenfield

A square, somewhat Gaudi-esque, mirror framed with carved-out profiles sitting in an MDF substrate w......


Michael Scarborough

Michael Scarborough is a very intriguing turner and it is unfortunate that I only came across his wo......


Thermed And Involuted Lamp stand

For this article I decided to make a table lamp with a difference, using some techniques which you m......


Woodcarving Glossary - Part 1

A:1. Applied carving - made separately and subsequently attached (planted on) to the item to be orna......


How to Carve a Leaping Trout

In designing this carving, I was trying to capture some of the excitement and surprise felt by a fly......


Getting to Grips with Carving Gouges

In the first of a new series looking at hand tools for carvers, Peter Clothier introduces the humble......


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