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Report from the Scotland National Woodworkers Show

We are pleased to report that visitors to Scotland's National Woodworkers Show this year were up......

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News and Events - Woodworkers Institute competition

We were inundated with entries for our recent online competition to celebrate the launch of our new ......

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News and Events - Woodworkers Workshop Hand Tool Day

Woodworkers Workshop are having a Hand Tool Day, so why not visit the workshop, meet Peter Sefton an......

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Merry Christmas from the Woodworkers Institute

All of us at the Woodworkers Institute would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very me......

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Triton Woodworker of the Year Competition

I have just spent the best part of the day driving west to view two of the short listed entries for ......

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Woodworker of the Year

Well, I"ve now seen all the entries for the Triton Woodworker of the Year competition, and they ......

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The Woodworkers Institute brings you latest news and equipment tests, projects and techniques plus b......

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Triton Woodworker of the Year competitions

Competitions always amaze and vex me in equal measure. I am amazed by the work produced by the peopl......


30 Years of Fine Works in Wood

The Southern Alberta Woodworkers Society - SAWS - is a non-profit society located in Calgary, Albert......