PassivPod - Ahead of The Curve

Tuesday 16 January 2018

PassivPod is a unique building that is designed to be high wellbeing and low carbon for Leisure, Living and Learning. It’s the design of Koru Architects, a multi-award winning architecture practice which specialises in low energy, sustainable, design and construction.

PassivPod began its journey as a finalist in the Sunday Times & British Homes Awards Eco Haus competition. It has since expanded from residential and leisure to other sectors where there is high demand for innovative, green and healthy buildings including education and business sectors. PassivPod is currently available in four sizes from the 15m2 garden office, to the 270m2 four bedroom, residential/ leisure building, however there is plenty of flexibility in applications for each size and each can be made to suit an intended use.

The 15m2 PassivPod garden office

Its unique selling points include its off-grid design, and energy and water independence through solar power and rainwater harvesting. It has been designed as a Biophilic environment, made from Cradle to Cradle materials, supporting the circular economy and the planet. It’s designed to Passivhaus principles, with a unique form for optimised heat retention, allowing it to be zero carbon in operation with very low embodied carbon. PassivPod is designed to offer top facilities, with high quality materials and finishes. It’s a high-end design with no eco-premium, competitively priced through its modular, prefab construction, allowing it to be constructed quickly on site, to a high level of accuracy and a very high standard of finish. 

All PassivPod designs are IP registered and trademarked. 



During February 2018 we will be providing readers with a unique equity crowdfunding opportunity, allowing anyone to invest in PassivPod and enable the construction of the first ever PassivPod. To invest, please visit the crowdfunding page: for more information and to get involved. This page will be updated as the campaign goes live; follow the campaign to see the progress of Passivpod! For established investors who would like to invest directly visit: