From the Forum - Chosen by the Members - Handy Mortar and Pestle

Friday 18 August 2017

I was really spoilt for choice this week, with all the photos from Pete showing some very wonderful turning, Ed Oliver's Combo piece which again I thought was beautiful (and well done on the Cover of WOW!) to Les Symond's Holy Grail which I thought was exquisite. But my choice has to go to Nick for a beautifully turned which has a simple design, but most of all very practical Mortar & Pestle, which I imagine will have many years of use.

Nick says he "wanted [a mortar] to neatly fit in the hand rather than move all over the worktop when in use. This meant a smooth rounded base with three carved legs to keep it upright when set down. There is a small lip on the inner lip which pours cleanly.

Both components are from Olive wood. The mortar is 80mm x 80mm and the pestle 125mm long. Finish is bare wood - no sealer or oil. The oils will come from a lovely blend of spices over time."

Well done to Nick and thank you for sharing.


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