European Woodworking Show

Thursday 24 August 2017

Three top demonstrators at the European Woodworking Show


The European Woodworking Show will again take place at Cressing Temple Barns in Essex from 16-17 September. Among the top demonstrators not to be missed are Vic Tesolin, Stig Reitan and Les Thorne, courtesy of BriMarc Tools & Machinery.


Vic is back!

Vic Tesolin from Canadian tool manufacturer Lee Valley will be demonstrating Veritas hand tools at the European Woodworking Show. With woodworking in his blood and as a former student, maker, magazine editor and now technical advisor at Veritas, we are delighted that the ‘Minimalist Woodworker’ is back again. This year he will be focusing on the new combination plane from Veritas. 


Tormek's Stig to demonstrate in UK

Learn from Stig Reitan, Tormek’s number one demonstrator, how to sharpen your knives, chisels and plane blades the Tormek way. Tormek has developed a unique sharpening system for edge tools, which is admired worldwide for its versatility, accuracy and ease of use. Stig began working with Tormek in 2010 and is currently the sales manager for USA, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. His skills combined with an enthusiasm for sharpening make it easy to learn from him. His demo will help you sharpen all your edge tools and more, just watch his amazing tomato demo! Stig will also be taking the Limited Edition Tormek Bushcraft model through its paces.


Les Thorne in partnership with Nova

Well known woodturner Les Thorne will be in action with Nova woodturning products. Famous for his great turning and style, Les is one of Britain's best known professional woodturners. With naturally beautiful timbers becoming more difficult to obtain, texturing and colouring play an important part in Les’s work which he also regards as a lot of fun. As well as demonstrating, Les has now diversified into teaching and writing about woodturning.


All three demonstrators will present visitors with the chance to get hands-on with Veritas hand tools, Tormek sharpening systems and Nova woodturning products.


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