On Sale Today - Issue 23 of Woodworking Crafts

Thursday 19 January 2017

In issue 23 of Woodworking Crafts, in ‘Projects’ the Editor makes a media centre; Michael T Collins makes a beautiful rustic-looking coffee table; Lee Stoffer finishes his woven top stool; Paul Purnell makes coasters using pen blanks; Simon Rodway provides plans for a porch; and bring your favourite critters home with photo-realistic designs by Jacob and Wayne Fowler.

In our ‘Techniques’ section, Louise Biggs fixes and restores a wall clock case; we look at how to machine mortise and tenon joints using a router and a mortise box; the Editor talks about dent removal, gives 10 tips for drilling wood, and debates screws vs nails, looks at fence repairs, tells us what we need to know about tablesaws; Peter Clothier introduces the humble gouge and how best to use one; and we show you how to machine standard postform kitchen worktops.

Finally, we have lots for you to enjoy in our ‘Community’ pages, including; the latest news and events; we have our ‘Q&A’ page; we have Nicola Butcher’s blog; the Editor looks at ash wood; Gary Marshall addresses coppicing; Briony Darnley takes a look at the 2016 Wood Award winners; Steve Hanson shows how he turns a pile of scrap steel into desirable green woodworking tools; meet Lawrence Goodwin; we focus on the Thonet bentwood chairs; and of course, have a sneak peek at next month.

All this and more in issue 23 of Woodworking Crafts, so be sure to get yourself a copy, or why not  subscribe and save up to 30%? You can also download a copy to you digital device. Click here to find out more.