From the Forum - Chosen by the Members - Robin Laycock

Friday 4 November 2016

Welcome to From the Forum - Chosen by the Members
In order to add an area of interest to the forums and to encourage interaction between the different forum sections, the forum members can post to our 'Members' Choice' thread to act as a showcase for a piece of work chosen by a member each week as their 'piece of the week'.
This week's members' choice is ’The great British Bird Box’ by Robin Laycock. Picked by Phil Bradley, here’s what they had to say about the piece: “It's a tough choice but I feel most inspired to get into the workshop and build by Robin Laycock's Birdhouse. I don't think I'm alone in having a bird house build on my 'to do' list, along with other builds to encourage wildlife. This birdhouse incorporates elements I would definitely like to incorporate into a build of my own. I love the slate roof and the choice of carvings as well as the brass inlay entrance hole.
When I read Robins descriptions he explains why he has chosen the dimensions he has used which is information I particularly enjoy. One thing that resonated with me was the reason for 'The Great British Bird Box' being the name of his project. Robin said that he would like to see a program where different makers all got together in a way similar to the great British bake off. This is defiantly something I would watch. Elsewhere on the forums there is a productive discussion about woodworking demonstrators doing live demonstrations transmitted from their workshops. I hope that some time in the future we will see enough woodworkers with technical abilities to create a live event which could be eddied live showing multiple crafts people working on projects of a similar topic such as bird/bat/insect houses and explaining their choices of materials, dimensions, locations, etc. possibly with an expert to give extra information. This is definitely something I would watch. It’s a fantastic make and extremely seasonally relevant.”
Congratulations again to Robin and we will bring you another chosen piece next week. In the meantime, you can find out more about the piece by clicking here.