On Sale Today - Woodcarving Issue 151

Thursday 23 June 2016


In issue 151 of Woodcarving, we have lots for you to enjoy. Johan Roudy explains how to carve a decorative pierced panel; Duane Cartwright carves a mythical oak leaf dragon; Steve Bisco carves a festoon in the style of 18th-century master carver Luke Lightfoot; and Zoe Gertner carves a trio of hares. All these and more in our ‘Projects’ section.

In ‘Features’ Catherine Kielthy meets Gerald Adams and Nazar Dmiuterko; and we find out about a 17th-century warship, which sank and capsized in 1628, taking down a treasure trove of wooden sculptures with her.

We have some great ‘Techniques’ pieces for you, such as carving a tortoise with Bob Jubb; Peter Benson looks at selecting the perfect carving knife; and Andrew Thomas looks at using wood finishes.

We also have our usual ‘Tests & Equipment’ section, with the Carver’s Toolbag, and our ‘Community’ pages, featuring from the Editor, club profile and a peek at our next issue.

All this and more in the Woodcarving issue 151, so be sure to get yourself a copy, or why not subscribe and save up to 30%?