On Sale Today - Furniture and Cabinetmaking issue 246

Thursday 9 June 2016


In issue 246 of Furniture & Cabinetmaking we have lots for you to enjoy. In our ‘Projects & Techniques’ section Richard Warmisham covers some of the techniques used in a tricky build; Patrice Lejeune and Luke Addington begin their introduction to French polishing; the Editor asks ‘are the new generation of water-based lacquers really a match for old school finishes?’; Jim Hooker puts the Holtey T21 plane to the test; Karen McBride unlocks the secrets behind making the Patience cabinet; John Lloyd returns with more top tips for stress-free glue-ups; and Chris Wiseman explains some of the key features on the first ever sideboard he made.

In ‘Design & Inspiration’ Anne Briggs Bohnett interviews Thomas Lie-Nielsen; John Adamson reports from the recent David Stanley; Amber Bailey describes her experience as a student at École Boulle; and this month we look at a remarkable example of a wooden bed canopy.

As well as all this, we also have ‘Leader’ from the Editor; ‘News & Events’; ‘Editor’s round-up’ and ‘Workshop library’, where we have a number of furniture-related reads that we think you’ll enjoy, as well as our website of the month.

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