Kit and Tools Tuesdays - Threaded tool rests posts and bars

Tuesday 14 June 2016

The NOVA Modular Tool Rest System is a flexible solution, allowing you to mix-and-match tool rest bars and tool posts to create the perfect tool rest for your needs. Simply pick a tool post to fit your lathe and then choose your tool rest bar.

The tool rest bars have a female thread, screw directly onto the NOVA tool posts and are fully interchangeable. Once set up with a post and a bar, if you want a different length rest you only need purchase an additional tool rest bar. Any additional NOVA tool rests simply screw onto the same tool post.

If you own a second lathe requiring a different diameter tool post, then the purchase of a second tool post allows you to use all your existing tool rests. Tool posts are available in 15.9mm or 25.4mm diameters. Check your existing tool post or lathe manual for the correct diameter.

The tool rest bars are stainless steel chosen for long life and its resistance to corrosion often caused by wet wood. Your turning chisel will glide along the rest for a smooth transit resulting in better and consistent turnings. The 100mm length is perfect for most mini or small lathes or when you want more precise tool control for smaller work on your larger lathe. The 150mm length is suitable for most lathes and general turnings. The 300mm toolrest bar is ideal for larger lathes and lone spindle work.


Contact: Brimarc

Price: Toolrest posts start at £6.96 and toolrest bars at £16.96